Hello Networkers,

We did it again, well kind of. We completed another major overhaul and update to the Network Design Cookbook. Here are the updates:

  1. Solutions and Services now in Alphabetical order: In this update, the solutions and services are re-organized in alphabetical order to allow you to easily chose the design steps for a solution that you may need. We also added what the prerequisites would be before completing the design for a solution. For example, in order to design a Wireless solution or maybe a Voice (Unified Communications) solution it will require the LAN and/or Data Center solution design to be completed first for best results. This also includes the many network services that are listed in alphabetical order for easy access to the information that you need. This new structure being in place is a starting point as we expand many of the sections that exist in the design cookbook for the services and solutions listed. Or anything that is legacy that can be removed.
  2. Updated and new Images: Several of the images in the guide has been updated which includes new images added to the Firewall Solutions, WAN solution and Firewall solutions to graphically represent a design step further for better understanding. Many more of these type of images will be added in future updates.
  3. Updates to Identity Access Control Solution: We also made updates to the solution “Identity Access Control” to complement our new training package focusing on deploying Cisco TrustSec and the ISE appliance to provide identity-aware security for your environment. In ths design cookbook, we have added some of the hardware for the components, listing the necessary components, and defining some of the security aspects. We also have plans to expand this solution further with other design aspects.
  4. Updates to VPN & Remote Access Solution: we also updated many of the sections for the VPN & Remote Access solution to include better steps for how to choose the best Site VPN or Client VPN solution for the network design along with hardware consolidation options with other solutions and hardware.
  5. Fortinet Hardware Added: Speaking of hardware, we are currently working on our practical “Fortinet: FortiGate Firewall and VPN Training Series” that many have been waiting for which is scheduled to be released sometime in Q3 of this year. Therefore, we have added the Fortinet’s FortiGate Firewall product under the hardware list for the Firewall and VPN solutions. This includes the FortiAuthenticator products added under the Identity Access Control solution, so check that out.
  6. Errors and Corrections: And of coarse we corrected any errors, mis-spelling, or grammar mistakes found during the process of this new update.
  7. Scheduled Updates: again we have several more updates and additions to come such as adding LISP, adding more graphical images to complement many of the design steps, updating more of the hardware selections, and much more.

Thank you for your support in making our Network Design Cookbook a growing success among Network Engineers and Consultants around the world.

Note: to navigate within the document use the bookmarks option within the PDF document.

You can get more details at: http://www.routehub.net/design

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